Richard L Hamm Ministries
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What is RLH/ONE Ministries?

Richard L. Hamm/ONE Ministries is called to prepare and equip leaders around the world to have maximum impact for the kingdom of God. We are accomplishing this in a variety of ways. First, we are partnering with various ministries and churches around the world to provide leadership training conferences. Secondly, we are serving as an adjunct professor with several seminaries in numerous countries to teach graduate courses on leadership, exegetical preaching, and pastoral theology. Additionally, we have our own School of Ministry that is accessed via the internet so that everyone everywhere can continue their spiritual growth and development or through our local study centers in various parts of each country. We are preaching large crusades in various cities around the world to help reach the unbeliever with the message of Jesus Christ. Finally, we have a network of churches in several countries that have affiliated with us to help reach their cities and countries for Christ and to train leaders.

The first several years of mission’s ministry was given to construction trips and church planting. It was not until 2000, when Dr. Hamm was asked to teach a graduate course on the exegetical process of preaching at Cape Theological Seminary in Cape Town, South Africa that the understanding of what God was doing was realized. It was at this time that Dr. Hamm understood that God was calling him into a world-wide teaching and preaching ministry with the emphasis on training leaders and teaching leadership. It was not until 2005, that the ministry would begin to take shape. Since that revelation was realized and understood, God has opened and continues to open exciting doors of opportunity to teach and preach around the world.

The ministry has been blessed with the addition of Rev. Mark Guest who has served with Dr. Hamm for eighteen years. Rev. Guest is serving as academic dean and functions in a variety of other crucial responsibilities. Brandon Hamm serves as worship leader, graphic designer and oversees our Internet technology.

Since 1986, Dr. Hamm has traveled in over eighty six countries and has taken the gospel to such places as Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Bosnia, Cuba and to every continent except Australia.

In order to properly represent what RLHM is doing, we have added a new subsidiary called ONE. ONE will be the official name for the arm of our church networking, the school of ministry and the credentialing of ministers. Our name comes from Romans 12:5 “But we, being many are one body in Christ and everyone members one of another.” Pastor Brandon did an excellent job with choosing the new name, scripture and designing the logo for ONE.

RLH/ONE is a ministry consisting of three parts:

First, ONE is a worldwide network of churches partnering together to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Through oversight, accountability, and training, we are able to unite and educate church leaders and workers, that otherwise would have little or no access to sound Christian training material. We presently have over 50 churches in several countries in our partnership network.

Second, ONE is a School of Ministry. The ONE School of Ministry offers Christian education on two levels, “Christian Life” and “Christian Service.” These two programs are free, if taken electronically. Students enrolled at a study center only have to purchase their books. There is no other cost associated with the courses. The more advanced vocational field of study, “The Berean School of the Bible” is offered at a nominal cost. Through the School of Ministry we are able to train pastors, missionaries, and church workers. Most of our students would never receive training if we did not bring the school of ministry to them.

Third, ONE seeks to equip its leadership with full ministerial credentials. Once a student completes the required criteria, they are eligible to start the process of acquiring their credentials and becoming a licensed or ordained minister of the gospel with ONE Ministries. Very few independent ministers have credentials in other parts of the world.

This is such a needed ministry around the globe. There are so many people who do not have sound biblical teaching. Not because they do not want to be trained, but because of a lack of resources and the availability of training. RLHM/ONE Ministries was created to meet this need; to provide a means to educate and train passionate men and women of God, who need resources and guidance to build and maintain a functional, growing, Christ-centered church.